Dream Home Building Made Easy

A home is the largest investment made by the majority of the population. The process of finding one that suits the needs and preferences of a family can be lengthy. Searching through listings, visiting homes that may fit all the criteria, and deciding which one is the closest to the ideal can take several months. In the time it takes to settle for someone else’s idea of the perfect home, a family can have their dream home designed and built.

Steps in the Process

People who decide to have their home built from the ground up have to complete many steps. The first is hiring an architect to design the home. That person will listen to what is needed and what is wanted in the home, along with a budget range for the project. Families may wish to have an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly simple first home. Some will prefer a luxury home with the latest technology and security incorporated in the design phase.

The plans have to be drawn up and stamped to signify compliance with building codes for the area. When building in Hawaii, for example, kona Contractors require plans that meet codes for hurricanes, termites, and earthquakes. The next step is arranging financing if necessary. Researching lenders, comparing interest rates and terms, and selecting one can be completed online for convenience.

Finding an experienced home builder is the next step. Many contractors who specialize in new construction and home remodeling will submit the paperwork for permits and inspections. That eliminates the need for the family to figure out where to go and what permits are required. A time frame is discussed, and the home is built. From beginning to end, the process typically takes eight to ten months.

Making the Process Easier and Faster

An experienced contractor who provides comprehensive services can save people time, money, and a few steps. Financing to finish can be completed easier and faster when one company handles everything. The entire project can be completed in as little as six months. Designs are created based on what the customer wants and are as energy-efficient as possible.

Once designs are approved and financing provided, the company will acquire all permits needed and begin site preparation work. All foundation work, framing the structure, interior drywall, and plumbing and electrical systems are completed. Plumbing and electrical work is subcontracted and can include traditional systems, solar panels, and photo-voltaic systems.

Roofing, flooring, painting, appliances, light fixtures, and landscaping are all provided by the same company for a seamless and quick process. Those interested in having their dream home designed and built can start by going to bobbyinchawaii.com for details, capabilities, and to view previous projects.


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